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America is homeland of turkey

First heavy turkey farming project in Georgia

It was brought to Europe in 1520. Its marvelous meat was to the taste of Europeans and since then I have been growing turkeys, as in households, and on an industrial scale. Male turkeys sometimes grow up to 1.2 m in height and weigh over 22 kg. The bird is very demanding on n high-grade content and a strictly balanced complete feed. It is advisable to keep turkeys on walks with rich access to green pastures. Tender, juicy turkey meat was one of the favorite dishes of the Aboriginal people. The slaughtered bird was coated with clay and baked on coals, then splitting the burnt crust and removing it together with the adhering feathers. If the bird was plucked beforehand, all the feathers went into action. Bunches of short and soft feathers were woven into their clothes by women, large and bright ones were used as decorations at ceremonies and religious rites. With long and stiff feathers from the wings of turkeys, male hunters feathered their arrows, from broken and pointed all kinds of needles and sews were made for the bones of the legs.

Turkey Calories

100 g of raw turkey meat contains 115 kcal. It is low in fat and high in protein. Boiled turkey meat contains 195 kcal per 100 g, and 100 g of roasted turkey meat contains 165 kcal. Moderate consuming this product will not lead to obesity.

Proteins, gr Fat, gr Carbohydrates, gr Ash, gr Water, gr Calor., kcal
23.5 1.6 --- 1 74 115

Useful properties of turkey

Turkey is tasty, healthy, dietary meat. Compared to other types of poultry meat, turkey fat is rich in vitamins A, E, it has a very low cholesterol content. In addition, turkey is easy to digest and no less easy to digest, and can rightfully be called a dietary food product. Turkey is rich in trace elements such as: phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sulfur, selenium, iron, sodium, magnesium, iodine, manganese. Also vitamins: PP, B6, B12, B2.

In terms of taste, turkey takes its place between chicken and beef. Simply put, turkey tastes better than chicken and is just as easy to digest as veal or beef. But in terms of sodium (the main extracellular trace element), turkey is much richer than beef and pork. The properties of sodium in the human body are very important - it replenishes the plasma volume in the blood and ensures the normal course of metabolic processes throughout the body. Therefore, when cooking turkey meat, you can use less salt, and this is a huge plus for hypertensive patients, as well as for people with heart and vascular diseases. For people suffering from these diseases, excessive salting of food can lead to an increase in plasma, which means an increase in blood pressure.

Turkey meat is used in diet food, as well as for the preparation of sausages, sausages, dumplings.

Since turkey is high in protein, it gives us much more vitality than any other meat. You should also know that turkey is as rich in phosphorus as fish. Turkey contains vitamin PP, the lack of which can provoke the occurrence of diseases such as vitamin deficiency, cellulite, and brain disorders.

Turkey in combination with light foods can even reduce the risk of cancer several times!

Breed description

Cross Hybrid is of Canadian origin, it is a highly productive cross (hybrid) of a heavy type, obtained by hybridization of White Dutch and Bronze broad-breasted turkeys. The tribal reproducer is the Hendrix Genetics Company. The bird quickly gains weight and reaches an average of 22 kg. Birds tolerate both heat and cold well, and are kept free-range throughout spring, summer and autumn.


Hybrid Converter has the most solid exterior. The body is slightly elongated, muscular, a very wide chest, while the magnificent plumage and luxurious tail will visually increase its size by at least 2 times. The legs of the bird are strong, wide apart, pink or cream in color. The head is bald, small, especially in comparison with the broad chest. The beak is strong with a bright scarlet outgrowth, the skin on the head has a blue tint. Both males and females have snow-white plumage, which makes a beautiful contrast in comparison with the scarlet "earring". The down of the male is very much appreciated - it is soft and light and completely replaces the goose down.

Not only a live bird has an attractive appearance, but also its carcass. Due to the light plumage, the skin also remains light and no feather stumps are visible on it.


Turkeys have a rather calm character and get along well: fights inside a flock are a rare phenomenon. But they do not tolerate close proximity to other poultry. In a poultry house or on a personal plot, birds need to be kept in a separate aviary.

Despite their considerable weight, the Hybrid Converter turkeys are excellent runners and reach speeds of up to 45 km / h. In addition, they can easily overcome a height of 2 m, so the aviary should have walls of at least 2.5 m.

Hybrid Converter is grown for the sake of obtaining dietary meat, and getting it in the shortest possible time.

Newborn turkey poults weigh about 15 g, stand firmly on their legs and are very mobile. With proper and timely feeding, by 4 weeks, both males and females gain more than 1 kg of weight. By week 10, turkeys weigh 7.5 kg and turkeys a little over 6 kg. Males reach their maximum weight by 22 weeks - 22-23 kg, and females by 17-18 - 12-12.3 kg. For this period, the slaughter of poultry is prescribed. The yield of pure meat from a carcass is 85%. Of these, 30% is brisket - the most dietary and tasty part of meat.

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