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Georgia's first heavy turkey farming project

Atcharuli Indauri LLC is an actively developing company for the production and processing of turkey meat products. The enterprise is located in the east of Georgia, in the Marneuli region, the village of Kapanakhchi.

For the production of meat products, turkeys of the heavy cross Hybrid Converter (Hybrid Converter) and BUT 6 (BIG 6) are grown. The supplier is the leading European breeding companies for hatching eggs and day-old poults.

Giya М.

/ Commercial Director

Apoultry feeding and watering systems are automated, full climate control is installed, the latest system cooling and air circulation made in Germany, bEST company. Sterile conditions have been created, which allows you to grow absolutely healthy poultry without the use of antibacterial drugs. The production of feed for poultry is carried out under the supervision of the company's specialists. Natural raw materials for feed and feed additives are purchased only from European suppliers and are thoroughly tested to ensure compliance with quality standards.

It should be noted that this is the first project in Georgia for farming heavy turkey cross on an industrial scale, a full technological cycle, including an incubator, rearing zones and poultry growing, feed mill, deep processing slaughterhouse.

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