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Georgia's first heavy turkey farming project

For the production of meat products, turkeys of the heavy cross Hybrid Converter (Hybrid Converter) and BUT 6 (BIG 6) are grown. The supplier is the leading European breeding companies for hatching eggs and day-old poults, read more.

Sustainability of products

Our turkeys are grown in an ecologically clean region of Georgia under strict veterinary control. Respect for poultry and favorable natural conditions determine the exceptional quality of our product. From the first days, our turkeys receive natural feed that contains the optimal amount of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. The feed suppliers have been rigorously selected and each batch of feed is inspected. The company undergoes environmental certification annually, constantly increasing the level of environmental safety of its products. That is why we can responsibly guarantee the safety of our products and their health benefits.


We use only natural feed based on a specially selected mixture of cereals and do not contain growth stimulants and genetically modified organisms, because it is only such feeding that allows our consumers to appreciate the fullness of the taste of turkey meat. Compliance with international quality standards

Our products comply with all current quality standards - both Georgian and international. This is confirmed by certificates of conformity in accordance with ISO 22000 (HACCP), food safety management system ISO 9001. All modern standards of biological safety of production are observed. Own farms equipped with everything you need.

We have at our disposal modern poultry houses that provide excellent conditions for keeping turkeys. Our employees are experienced professionals who know everything about poultry breeding, its proper cultivation and fattening.


Due to the territorial location of the poultry complex and transport logistics, our fresh products appear on store shelves every morning.

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